Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth:
For Thy love is better than wine.

“The words are not those of one dead in trespasses and sins, to whom the LORD is as a root out of a dry ground — without form and comeliness. The speaker has had her eyes opened to behold His beauty, and longs for a fuller enjoyment of His love……and yet, alas! He is not always with her: He comes and goes. Now her joy in Him is a heaven below; but again she is longing, and longing in vain, for His presence.

‘Where is the blessedness I knew
When first I saw the Lord?’

Though never at rest in His absence, she cannot trust Him fully; and she does not care to give up her own name, her own rights and possessions, her own will to him who has become necessary for her happiness. She would fain claim Him fully, without giving herself fully to Him; but it can never be: while she retains her own name, she can never claim His….While she retains her own will, and the control of her own possessions, she must be content to live on her own resources; she cannot claim His….

Draw me: we will run after Thee!

She will yield her very self to Him, heart and hand, influence and possessions. Nothing can be so insupportable as His absence! If He lead to another Moriah, or even to a Calvary, she will follow Him.

But ah! what follows? A wondrously glad surprise. No Moriah, no Calvary; on the contrary, a KING! When the heart submits, then JESUS reigns. And when JESUS reigns, there is rest.
And where does He head His bride?

The King hath brought me into His chambers.

Not first to the banqueting house — that will come in due season; but first to be alone with Himself. He takes His now fully consecrated bride aside, to taste and enjoy the sacred intimacies of His wondrous love. The Bridegroom of His Church longs for communion with His people more than they long for fellowship with Him…”

— Hudson Taylor