“There are workings and manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. You can call them different things if you like. I’ve always been of the opinion that its better to have it and not know what to call it, than to know what to call it, and not have it…Let me tell you something young men, young women, do not let anyone rob you of your heritage and your heritage is this: that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and that God will do supernatural things through your life. Don’t allow anyone to rob you of that.”       

— Paul Washer

“The Spirit’s saving work on the will and affections discovers itself by that soul’s approbation of the Savior beheld, its desires after Him, its approaches to Him, its laying hold of Him, and casting itself, under the Spirit’s sweet and strong attraction, with the whole weight of its everlasting salvation upon Christ alone for all holiness and all happiness, to the present and eternal praise of the God of all grace, and to the soul’s present and eternal bliss…

let us plead it before His throne, and bring our every idol unto Him to be entirely slain, so shall our hearts be separated from them, and our admiration of, and sinful affection to, all glittering glow-worm glories sink and die before the rising attracting display of His all-transcendent and infinite excellences…”

– Anne Dutton (1692–1765)